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(Image by Jamie Small)
A few weeks ago I remember, I gave a Spirit Message to one of fellow spiritual friend during the Sunday Afternoon Grove about dream boards to manifest their dreams and accomplish their goals. Following this thought, I was also reminded about a passage I read many moons ago. Our readings when they appear in public are not just restricted to the one receiving the spirit message. They can be beneficial to anyone in that gathering since it is a group energy in that present moment.
Often when I engage in public speaking, I begin with an idea that this talk or presentation is not me telling you something, it is rather me listening and understanding along with you. As a matter of fact that is so true. I mean TRUE to the final dot. Very often I reflect, that the person who is giving message or speaking publicly, or a keynote speaker if they portray their idea by applying it in real life. When we present ideas to inspire our listeners what is our intent, is it just to move our lips to make things look glossy, vibrant and optimistic or to lead out those thoughts and idea’s to the precision of the intent with examplery attitude.
Forever in life I will believe “the glass is half full”. It is still half full when I am in absolute conscious of the lack of any aspect of my life. I have been able to look into the past and find at least one thing in my life that I can be thankful for in that very moment. Today, I have more to thank for in my life than I can imagine. I am surrounded by “angels” that have stood with me in my time of need. They were/are there when I am in lack of emotional, mentally, physically and/or materialistically. I am BLESSED.
Today I spent most of the day in stillness due to physical discomfort and I got to think a little more on this aspect. What brought this on was a simple spark in the brain, what do I really want of myself as I progress in life? Should I be one day at a time or or should I have short term goals or should I dream big like there is no tomorrow? What should it be?
So, lets get back to the vision board thought. When I thought of what do I see myself doing in future. I did not have a concrete idea or thought. I was like hmmm should I be concerned. What I wanted to be when I was 10 years old did not happen, then the same when I was 20 and the same when I was 30…is there some sort of encrypted code based on the past events. Yes! there is one thing that is encrypted, it was in the past…past……past.
Now moving forward I have some thoughts and idea and I give it an analogy of either big masonry blocks that a scupltor uses to chistle out their outstanding masterpiece or the forming clouds that encourage us with shape shifting or natural law of flexibility. I believe I see myself in the form of this cloud, that is just a plain cloud but I see a shape of dragon in it. I also see lot of depth and density since it is capable of hiding the sunlight from passing through. Our thoughts and idea’s often are like cloud formation. These idea mushroom and form a shape but we don’t capture them at the right time. Often we just under estimate the potential of true human being. Often we let these dense thoughts cover the deeper aspect of visionary light that sparkles in our brain. Often we just let it float away in the wind of our circumstances.
(image by Joy Sagar)
Well, I feel like a nimbus right now floating in the vast open sky, day and night, day after day. Forming one shape into one idea and then re-shaping it into another idea. Perpetual but ever evolving. Sometimes there is that unique shape of a dragon, an angel, a heart and sometimes just our wild imagination.
Using vision board is very interesting tool, to each their own like it is said. To some vision boards help track and stratify their ideas and imagination. It also enhances a sense of accomplishment as you see the projects finish and complete phases. Vision boards are a great tool to everyone and every situation. Law of manifestation will go hand in hand with a vision board in most cases. Vision board that I speak of will come in handy for me in near future since I realize the message that afternoon was multi faceted. 
What are you doing with your visions? Do you recognize their genesis? Do you foresee their end? Do you pin them on a board to help track and realize?



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