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Wake Up, Beach Time, Work, Sleep…

Yesterday, was a unusual day, however in perspective it was not a good day over all.

I woke up unusually early and could not fall back asleep. I tried but it did not happen. Then I thought to carry on with my day so I got ready, grabbed my Leica, boarded my good ol Toyota Prius, and off I went to New Smyrna Beach for Sunrise. I have been wanting to catch a sunrise for quite sometime. It was a delightful, uneventful drive. I learned the parking is free up until 9am.

Walked on the beach, took some pictures, strolled some more… here are few pictures I took.

Then the Sun started to light the sky, however not by much. With little light in the sky, people started showing up, and it was interesting to watch. Walkers, Sitters, Swimmers, Bicyclers, Beach Attendees, Metal Detectives, Runners, etc. of all ages. Quite refreshing.

It started to rain, which did not deter me to enjoy the salt air, and the variety of people and imagery that was happening. I got my chair, and sat for a while, faintly hoping to see the Sun peek a little more. It did not happen. I was simply happy to be there. Enjoyed the waves and sounds. Then returned towards home.

On my way I stopped to visit the for a delicious Banana Almond Muffin and a Cortado. You should give this place a go, if you are in the area.

#MediumandhisLenses #JoySagarSpiritualistMedium

On my way everything was rainy, wet, drizzling, all the way. After I turned towards home to Cassadaga, Fl (, the road was not as wet and I meandered taking a different route. There I passed this beauty.

#MediumandhisLenses #JoySagarSpiritualistMedium

That little lighted end of this path drew my attention, reminding of Hope, we all must have, while passing through channels of Chaotic jumbled up life now and then. Always have HOPE.

After returning, went through my assignment for the day, picked up food from and was ready to crash for the night.

Hope your weekend is the best one yet. I will look forward to make the most of mine.

Much Love — Joy Sagar @joysagar



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