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Wake Up & Move, Spirit said…(are you listening to your inner guidance?)

“Wake up and move”, Spirit said… and, like always, I listened.

It was not a welcoming thought to leave the warmth of the bed. So I laid there for a few minutes and I heard this whisper again, “let’s go”. So I got out of the bed, got ready and left. I have been listening to my spiritual guidance quite closely and it has not led me astray. Thus, I have no reason to doubt my intuitive and/or spiritual voice. I TRUST.

As I was driving, I realized the messages from Spirit this morning were not just mental but very vivid and visual. I was amazed by what I saw as I drove. Beauty, beauty, beauty everywhere. Nature is beautiful. I was immersed into beauty:  the mist rising off the fields, the first rays of sun breaking the cloud barriers, the colors in the sky changing with each passing minute. It was a jaw dropping sense of wonder. Nature had many ways to communicate with me. My palate was full of impressions. I was in high heaven.

Why am I rambling all this about me… Perhaps what I am highlighting is that often we don’t listen to our own guidance. We often ignore our subliminal prompts. We are so consumed with the worldly cat-and-mouse chase that we miss out on the bigger picture.

The Great Infinite Spirit has given us the great ability of peripheral vision. However, when we are overcoming our challenges we become so focused that very often we lose sight of the bigger picture. There are messages everywhere for us because we have been given the ability to see them, hear them, feel them and know them.  Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention. We are caught up in the hullabaloo of our own miniature universe.

Just like I took a moment today to recognize the subliminal messages that Spirit got me out today way early in the morning, it allowed me to absorb natures beauty, it allowed me to take in that the morning energy and provided me the ability to stay in awe all day. It allowed me the oomph to have a beautiful Healing in the Porch event. A day full of readings and more.

What are you doing to develop your senses? What are you doing about listening to the inner voice? What are you doing to follow the foot steps towards great accomplishments?


Joy Sagar, is a Practicing Certified Medium, Healer, Psychic, Teacher & Vedic Astrology from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. His practice is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He loves to travel and demonstrate his work. He is also a motivational and natural law speaker.

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