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Wandering feet, finding peace, one piece at a time.

A stroll,
With gnomes,
Under the open sky,
They call it home,

Left around, 
Standing still,
When illusory time,
It keeps flying by,

Moss on oak,
On decaying wood,
Drenched and soaked,
Falling to pieces,

These wandering feet,
Trying to find peace,
One piece at a time,
Life is but a stage,

The Divine, 
The great mime,
Parallel Universes,
Coexist simultaneously,

Indeed is a great whistle-blower,
Hearts suspended mid-air,
Four agreements of sorts,
Wondering Spiderman rests a spell,

Cardinal clipped on a limb,
Leaf landed a-breeze swift,
God is good,
Tattered yet true,

From awake to asleep,
Dream in pieces of peace,
One day the complete picture reveals,
A tiny piece of Joy finds joy in small peace.

Written by - Joy Sagar 08092022



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