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WE are NEVER Alone!

In last few days maybe weeks, we all have been compassionately asked some form of this question – what are you doing for Christmas/holidays? The responses are filled with moments of sharing of each others plans. The excitement of preparing presents for loved ones and close relatives, exchanging the gifts etc. is of course the highlight of the season. The whole concept of Christmas revolves around family, cheer, giving, gifting and sharing. Oh what a warm feeling that emanates from our heart and reflects through our expressions and our gloating and grinning face.

Well at least the generic thought of it.

It becomes awkward, almost sad when one of the participants in these q&a are single, divorced, separated, those who have lost their spouses to time, those that are displaced and are in quest of themselves. Empathy takes over and kick starts the reality of being alone, lonesome and so forth. Sadness sets in, depressive thoughts start to circle, if not in all cases then almost in all cases.

What I have known of myself in last few years, almost operating as a unit, almost being with myself on all or most of the main holidays of the year. I feel the pain of those who are limited to their sensory receptors. In other words those who can see only what is physical. I would express my hearty gratitude to my friends who have opened their hearts and families to welcome me in. I AM SO VERY THANKFUL from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

In last few weeks I am observing myself respond to these questions differently. Saying it out loud, AM I really am alone? at any given point in my life? in any dimension of my existence? Bereft of social definition of family in this given moment of my life. I AM not ALONE. I AM not.

So my heart went with my mind, it went searching within, of the underlining of my thought.

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” PSALM 34:18.

So to those who resonate with their physical perception of pain and agony of being isolates during the festivities, know that the Divine is always present. It is always there behind each dark thought and is ready to illuminate your hearts and minds.

The Infinite Great Spirit is always searching our hearts and minds. It always knows how to embrace us and wrap us in compassion. It always knows what provides us the necessary strength to get through the rough times of the mind and body. It always know what faculties of physical being work the most. It impresses us with thoughts and actions to carry forward to bounce back from those spiraling down moments of life. It just like a magical movement of wizard spins us back to life, spins our energy spiraling upwards. Thus opening us to greater potentials and greater avenues in our lives.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says, ““If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”

There is even greater JOY in understanding that at all times, we are surrounded by angels, and the spirit of our loved ones that will assist us at all times. They will not only surround us with unconditional love but also caress and soothe our consciousness to harmony.

What I understand now shifts me in a different dimension of awareness. I have consciousness of my spiritual family. I AM never alone. I AM always surrounded with loved ones in spirit and loved ones in the physical that embrace me for who and what I AM.


Taylor Caldwell shares, “This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.”

This is a great reminder for me as the calendar shifts towards the special day. Christmas will be special as always. If I AM to notice myself to be a unit, I AM ever more elated to know the presence of my beloved parents and my teachers in spirit. My ever so growing spiritual family always keeps me in their warm embrace. I AM submerged in ever so memorable moments of my life that remind me of what I was and what I AM.

I encourage all who may be shifting through the webs of being a unit, to understand, to embrace the promise of The Infinite Great Spirit or GOD or what you may refer it as, that we are never alone. There is always a joy tucked behind a sorrow.  There is a frown which is nothing more than a smile upside down. There is glory behind everything gory. The compress of coal squeezes out the most toughest rock sparkling as a diamond. The burning rock from miles away sustains the life on earth. There is magic in everything. From an illusion to allusion, there is grace with every praise.

From me to you a very warm, and a very memorable Christmas! and a Happy New Year 2015.



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