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What. Wonderful. Experience. In last few weeks…. (Journal Entry)

What. Wonderful. Experience. In last few weeks….
Life has been defining its own pace in past few weeks. I have wonderful timing with a lot of events. And it is what it is.
My diet revolution is or shall I say was going fine until I hit an emotional bump. Emotional just because it was emotional. Food came to rescue and I had to recognize this and let it be and for myself I stayed in the flow. Caffeine free lifestyle is becoming more permanent and I feel I am fine with that. However in my emotional roller coaster sugar and bread surfaced as comfort food and I did take comfort in it. I have to be honest with myself. I enjoyed my failure to adhere to my diet commitments as therapeutic affects. Now that I feel it has served its purpose it will go back in active observation soon next week. I’m happy with this choice.
I enrolled for my last requisite to complete my AA. It overwhelms me that I have a bachelors already from India and I am trying to accomplish another bachelors in some field of interest all over again. Little frustrating at times but I cannot do anything about it so just going with the flow. I wish I had an awareness before about nursing that it was not a chosen path for me. I would be finishing my bachelors by now or soon at least. Oh I have to take this in stride too. Education is always helpful and handy dandy. I am back on educational path, this time with a focus.
In early 2000, I got initiated into Reiki healing, I profoundly remember these words from my Gurudev Madabusi Subramaniam, “observe the effects of reiki on an ongoing basis such as elements of life such as people, friends and other energies, if they are not meant for your best in any given time, you will observe them to fall by the way side. He continued to say, you will find a reason or they will find a reason to part ways.” I reflect on this since then very consciously and conscientiously, his words have made me navigate my human relationships comforting than chaotic. 
Loosing someone you care for a long time or short time can have pretty similar effects on us mentally, emotionally and personally. The degrees may vary but they are always present. It necessarily don’t have to add up to passing, it could be parting ways or whatever it maybe. I had to add to my experience something of such nature. It has stirred me up. I had to reflect and observe. I did. Once again I must be honest to myself.
As I write this I see a rainbow outside. A sign of blessing and confirmation of my thoughts from the heavens above. An expanded awareness that I have my mentors and teachers besides me in energy and in thought as I walk on my journey. Yay!
The great infinite spirit has mandated plans for us. I have learned to trust. I have learned to allow the spiritual guidance flow in my life. I have to walk my talk.



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