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What do you feel?
When you see me in flight,
There is no rope that can hold me tight,
No form to me as I am formless,
What do you think?
When you see me smile,
It is contagious,
even under a pile,
What comes to you?
When you gaze in my eyes,
The world is a illusion,
Allusion to vision,
What do you taste?
When dreams occur,
The surreal feeling,
Or imagination on run,
What is the seed?
In your deed,
From pain and suffering,
From angst and crying,
What is holding you down?
The sum of all fears,
The ruthless reality,
We are mortals,
What is the smell?
When you see burning,
Shadows, silhouettes,
Memories playing roulette,
What does your heart say?
Purity, deceit, betrayal,
Mockery, humor, success,
Lub dub, love dove,
With spirit in the sky,
I will soar and fly,
My wings will never be weary,
And heart will sing of soul,
To be filled with eternal love,
Even while walking on hot coals.
Written By – Joy Sagar 7.10.2014 @ 11:04p.m. 



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