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Where from here…

Where From Here…

I am little perplexed how to weave the words into my thoughts and energy of my emotions. Oddly enough, I am not the only one when it comes this. We all have our moments when we are in state of flux. I am watching a  movie titled Upside Down (available on Netflix). A very nice concept for a sci-fi/fantasy movie. This movie intrigues my thoughts towards duality, “Up above So below.” Is it two side of the same coin? Is it up above and so below? Is it night and day? 

(view of the sky in Lake Helen, FL)

Duality is an innate part of our being. As I understand of duality. The free dictionary states, “Noun 1.duality – being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or sub-classes; e.g. the dichotomy between eastern and western culture.” Dichotomy, categorization, classification – a group of people or things arranged by class or category.” This system of thought is prehistoric and still exists to this day.

While sitting on my couch, I was enjoying my morning coffee along with this movie, my brain was engaged in its own process. I was toying with the idea of giving myself the day off. Processing the idea of not participating with any other external energies but my own energies. The other part of me was observing the essence of commitment to my part of being at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. My Sundays are energized and supercharged by spending my day at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. 

Finally, I cut out the indwelling turmoil and got ready and went to Colby Memorial Temple (Cassadaga Church). Listening to the inner guidance once again proved to be of great help. As I walked inside the Colby Temple Rev. Dr. Suzanne DeWees has just initiated her lecture. She is such an inspiring speaker, always thoughtful. She presented a topic of ancient wisdom and modern research (Audio available : Rev. Dr. Suzanne DeWees). There was a mention of vulnerability and impatience and other instances.

This is not necessarily a befitting example of duality but it to me has some hints of it. When I find myself comparing between the past and now or between the now and the future or between what I have and what I desire and more examples like this in my thought has a sense of duality. Why? just by virtue of the inconsistency in our ever shifting wants, and desires, and needs, and aspirations.

The nature of love is universal. It is consistent. The feelings attached to it is consistent. When we are in love with something living or non-living, Emotion of Love in its entirety is free of duality. … comparison … two kinds of love…. Non-Duality is a field of exploration in its entirety. Great examples are Mira Bai and her unconditional love for Lord Krishna & Florence Nightingale and her love for being a nurse & Mahatma Gandhi and his love for India’s freedom & Dr. Martin Luther Kind and his love for civil rights & Mother Teresa and her love for helping the indigent and suffering in India & Nelson Mandela and his love for apartheid abolition & A small business owner and his love to be successful in his efforts & more examples that you can think and perceive from your own life.

We are programmed to say we love this and we love that but is it true that we can love all those aspects in one given moment? What my realization is that one can only have one true love. Whatever it might be money, fame, success, education, spirituality or anything else, it is neither right or wrong or indifferent,  because that is your true love.

What are you sorting out in life, love or likeness, passion or chase, fight or flight? Where ever you are in your life today where do you go from here….??????



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