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Yes, Hope Helps Heal!

We are witnessing tremendous suffering human life is going through. It is not relatively easy to wrap our minds around these sufferings. How do we deal with them? How do we deal with ourselves? And there are more questions like such.

“We remind you repeatedly that God does not inflict suffering but uses the suffering men and women create for themselves to bring good into the individual life. Through changing conditions on the earth and in the element above the earth, the seed of life germinates, takes root, and in time grows into the perfect flower.

The lily rises from the still water. So gets a chance to open to the warmth and light of the sun. It has roots deep in the mud at the bottom of the pond. So human life is the same. But if you would become whole, it is first necessary to forget your roots and the mud in which they are nourished, to think only of the light to which you are reaching, the beauty and strength of God.”

Page 23-24 from the book “Heal Thyself” by White Eagle.

Let’s engage in some random scenarios.

A broken water pipe needs fixing after identifying the extent of the damage. Then, you have to prep both ends, cut off bad pieces, place a connecting portion, and it’s done and resumes its process.

A rotting door frame on the bottoms. After Identifying the damage. You mark and cut off the sections that are rotting. Replace with new material. Prep and paint, and it’s done and resumes functionality.

Your tires are bald and done. You make an assessment. Replace them. It is the vehicle that resumes its purpose, and life continues.

The mattress has served its life. You make an assessment, replace it, and life resumes.

There is a life-altering illness. You make an assessment, take proper care or take a stand, go through the motions, accept the consequences, and life continues.

When there is a loss of human life, we make an assessment. We offer arguments for and against it while facilitating healing as applicable and acceptable. We provide and receive empathy, sympathy, and care.

We are getting at that life will not wait for anyone. Life is a continuation. Time even though it is an illusion, continues. Just like it is said, you can not step in the same river twice. Life around us is always forward-moving. Only we get to figure out the how-to and why of any given situation.

It is wise to be attentive to see all the scenarios of Life as Life itself evolves for us. It is wise not constantly to nourish the lack of what is not normal. It is wise to focus on something more significant and or pure positive, such as elements of nature. It is to withdraw your attention from that what you suffer.

We must learn to detach from that what we suffer from at will. We must understand that we create our problems and sufferings, and we alone have the power to rise above them. Detachment allows us to become observers instead of participants in the situation. We become more receptive to perceptions and potentials of healing. There we receive hope. Hope is a powerful entity in its own right.

There is a tiny spark within us: the I AM presence, GOD, or Infinite; however, one chooses to see or identify. What is on the inside is also on the outside. I visualize the tiny spark of light encapsulating your being, inside and outside, seeing it complete, and letting it go while God’s essence conspires to heal us.

Continue to take small amounts of time during the day/week to do the following:

  • Quite your mind.
  • Sit and reflect.
  • Journal your thoughts.
  • Open the mind to be more receptive.
  • Listen with your inner ears.
  • ALWAYS use #Gratitude
  • Don’t forget to Breathe.
  • Cultivate Hope.

Always lean towards hope, as it allows life to flow. Hope will lead you to the road less traveled and let you trek it with success. However, caution is requested to avoid letting expectations lead us to suffer from the desired outcome. The results often arrive in bits and pieces and complete the healing like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle one piece at a time.

xo Joy Sagar

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