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You can do it too.

I want to write a song,

It’s not that I’m right or wrong,
When I want to sleep,
The clock strikes the gong,
My tuning forks,
Are my favorite tongs,
I cannot play steel drums,
But I can cling clang the saucepan,
Too many things made in china,
Why not in Japan,
Onions, tomatoes and paprika,
I love living in America,
Braves fought and sweated,
Always won and never defeated,
Facebook, Pinterest and twitters,
Took over Paris wheels and fritters,
We are going numb,
While we use our thumbs,
A smile on the face,
Is now lol,
Stressors of life in our nerves,
And pretty pink pepto bismol,
Walking, jogging, running out,
Xbox, play station, in wii wii,
Natures trail, hike and bike,
Adidas Reebok and Nike,
Bring back my smile,
Bring back my smile,
I’m reorganizing one file at a time,
I’m reorganizing one life at this time,
You can do it too,
If you think your perfect,
Mmmmmmm think again!!!
The gong will strike again,
It’ll be the too late to regain,
So get on the band wagon,
You can do it too,
I’m off to sleep counting sheeps,
Before the morning creeps. 



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