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Zucchini, Egg or Squash – Talk about Choices!!

Zucchini, Eggs or Squash,
Live to Eat or Eat to Live,
This or that or all a Wash,
Sugary syrup or honey from hive.

Let’s talk about choices…

Why do I want to talk about choices? Very simple. Life situations.

So I am going by my business day after day like a mechanical music sheet go through the little pegs and generates music over and over again. I wake up. I get ready. I go to work. I eat. I work some more. I eat. I go home. I rest. I eat. I walk to the mailbox. I eat. I sit. Whoa…there is a pattern to this. I eat a lot it seems. I do enjoy food. I am a foodie by my own definition. I can rattle off some interesting places to eat from Florida to North Carolina and from Colorado to Ohio. What can I say.

I have been thinking about statistics since I am enrolled in that class this semester. I got my blood work back and it was like a mini statistical information. Lab values translated in smaller numbers telling on me as my healthcare provider looks at them. Arrrgh! I was not happy as I glanced on them. I am not a doctor but I know when I see figures and they don’t make sense to me. I was so appreciate of my healthcare practitioner that even she was not happy with my results she treated me with respect and dignity. I was humbled. It is about to make choices first and then prove I can rely on my self-discipline. The value of living life meaningfully and living life with moderation is where I find myself today.

Philosophically speaking, I know the essence of living moderately, simply, and plain. The soul essence of any of us is not very demanding. It is pleased with simplicity rather than complexity or sophistication around us. On a soul level we are in a state of CONSTANT change. This change is happening at all times. This change is happening on all levels of our existence. Cellular level, Emotional Level, Physical Level, Spiritual Level and or even in Etheric Level this change is happening.

Now with this turn around and my health report card is all I can say things in life needs a revolutionary perspective. Some of you who know me well know that I have given up eating any kind of meat products for spiritual reasons. Recently, once again I have incorporated the same and I have stopped eating meat again. No dietary revolution here just a personal choice and spiritual under lying current.

In my recent talk at The Church of Spiritual Awakening in Kissimmee, Fl, I talked about let it GO and just Let it Be. I would like to say something such as your health is one of very few situations where you have to say I will Let Go of my habits that hinder my health and Let it Be by incorporating healthy choices. Often, I notice with myself I embrace changes in BULK instead of one small change at a time. I have almost stopped consuming carbohydrates. I am I mean my body is craving the carbohydrate since I can feel the uneasiness by the end of the day. I am despite of my cravings for breads, pasta, pizza can express that my internal organs and my body is adjusting well to my no carbohydrate regime at least better than my brain.

I am in a state of mind where I am reprogramming my brain towards better choices in my life when it comes to health and eating habits. It is a big change for me. I believe life is pushing me towards making a choice. Health or taste buds?? I would say necessity is the mother of invention thus I will carve a health conscious dietary habit for me in days to come as I allow my body to adjust to health choices.

What I am observing is several different natural laws of life coming into Play. Natural Law of Allowance, Natural Law of Flexibility, Natural Law of Persistence, Natural Law of Action and Reaction, Natural Law of Harmony etc. I am to say there are many great teachers in Cassadaga, Fl that share their impressions of Natural Law. If you would like to know about them visit and check out the different links and pages and you will find a lot of interesting information there.

Well enough said…Life is full of choices and we all make choices based on our best judgements. If one choice does not work 100% we should all learn from it and make the next best choice available. It is way better to have tried than not.

What do you say???



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