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Welcome December 2015

Welcome December 2015! The season of festivities naturally call for caring, sharing and celebrating. With that being said, The Great Infinite Spirit has provided me several opportunities to share my gifts and talents with others. Please follow this link -…

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Which 5 things are you most thankful about?

What does it feels like to be “Thankful”?

It ought to feel effortless. It got to be relaxed. It is to be aware, in general. It is feeling the sparkles, big and small. It is allowing and attracting of similar experiences. It is “most wondrous”. It is illuminated. It is gratuitous. It is content. It is brimming with knowing.

Thanksgiving maybe a folklore/historical event to some but it means slightly different and slightly more to me. It is not 1 day out of the 365 days through the year. Thanks-giving is everyday. Why wait till the end of the year to show appreciation for something that occurred days, week, months ago.

Be here NOW! Practice thanks-giving in the very moment you feel graced and blessed. Be over joyed with gratitude in that very moment. Be humbled with generosity as life presents itself to you in way of its blessings.

Just like it is said, when you are ready your teacher will find you, I have started to recognize, when we step in perpetual state of thanks-giving we come into alignment with our source which in turn brings our path close to us. It is the path that finds us not the other way around.

Just like when you are filled with angst and it feels great to scream on top of your voice, the ability to release and express. Try to do the same when you are thankful,  universe is listening, The Infinite Spirit is paying attention.

Sone of the things that we can be thankful about, so speak out loud,
For family, friends, colleagues,
I’m thankful for a home,
I’m thankful for my work,
I’m thankful for the workforce universally,
I’m appreciative of mother nature,
I’m a divine spark,
I’m blessed,
I’m fortunate,
I’m abundant,
I am grateful, 
I’m more than I think I am,
I am capable,
I deserve,
I’m prosperous,
I’m healthy,
I’m always in receptive mode,
I’m patient,
I’m well taken care for,
I’m rewarded,
I’m being led to better opportunities,
I’m achieving new levels of expertise,
I’m a part of the source,
I’m spiritually enriched,
I’m intuitive,
I’m a Healer,
I’m a positive catalyst,
I’m thriving,
I’m rejoicing the goodness in my life,
I’m being healed,
I’m constantly letting go of my past as I embrace newness in my life,
and then there are some more to be thankful in your own unique way of feeling our own sense of gratitude.

By being thankful our physical, emotional,  spiritual, and mental envelope is constantly rejuvenated. Be in constant praise… ALWAYS! Be Thankful!

From me and mine to you and yours, CELEBRATE Thanks-giving Everyday!

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