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Following my thoughts through various flights, I was taken through a mature garden of roses. It reminds me of a magnificent example of life. There IS beauty. There IS fragrance. There IS sticky situation. There IS daintiness. There IS pain.…

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A hmmmm

The fabric of my soul,Gets unique by the minute. Weaving the minutes,Into the hours. The tapestry of life,Tastes sweet and sour. Rhythm of my heart,Few beats apart. Sings a new symphony,When I am in my own company. Sky is bright and colorful,And the Sun is…

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A Tribute to Mom !

Dear Mom,When I was born,I became your world,You sang lullabies each night,So that I could sleep,I gave you sleepless nights,You wiped my tears each time I weeped,You gave me the alphabets,You gave me the numbers,I made you anger on my…

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