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My Solitude…is my BLISS!

I am a unit of the imperfections of this universe where perfection is a perception. Growing up is a trade up name for adapting to others expectation or is it something different. Growing up in my experience has a different…

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What do you say?

It is going to be a beautiful day,No matter what one says,Anger, Hatred and Jealousy reverse,Pass it on to the universe,Dissolving into the Solar Flares,The universe returns with Love & Care,TODAY is a Song & NOW is the BEST verse,LET GO…

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Let E go.

Letting go is complex than it is said. It is easier said than done. But it is one charactor that sets it apart. LetE(self)Go...But what constitutes EGO is a superiority of self in various attributes. why do we suffer from…

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