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Good Morning everyone!I'm sitting in my Florida room and enjoying my coffee along with birds chirping, cats moving around and the sunshine clearing up the mist. It feels wonderful to just sit and observe my own mind, heart and surroundings.…

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Mermaid in the bubbles!

Where do these bubbles come from, I ask myself as I wade, The sky is blue and the water is green, This is not the first time I’ve seen, Seems like there is something, Beneath these waters, but there is…

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So… Are you a work-in-progress?

So... Are you a work-in-progress?Do you know your progress? As a human being, as a co-creator, as a brother, as a sister, as a citizen, whatever it maybe, how do you measure yourself? What allows you to feel you are…

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My thought….

My thought....As time flies through our lives, we all know that it is never coming back. As the larvae transforms into a beautiful butterfly it also knows it will never be a larvae again. The breath generating in our lungs…

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