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Lens of Camera can Capture too

Is it pleasurable,The distance,The silence,The busyness,The chaos,The ayi yai ai,The thought,The caress,The care, The flare,The long hours,The persistent you,The chores galore,The long drives,The lunch with friends,The war within,The spreading thin,Sacrifices all over,Time too fast,Last or first,First or last,Running time,With the seconds…

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Re-arrange letters!

Word play...ListenSilentTinselEnlistUse the same letters just arranged differently. Fascinating. Similarly if we can shift and rearrange our thoughts we can make something constructive and fascinating. 

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God I……

God I love you,No matter where I go,No matter what I do,I know you love me too,Days of grace,Days of blues,Days of war,Days of truce,No limit no limit,From horizon to summit,Hallelujah to dammit,From admit to omit,All I feel and all…

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Recognize Fear that operates at any level of our lives, holds us back from that one step that may change the whole outcome of any situation. Love, unconditional love on the other hand opens all barriers and removes all obstructions…

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