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Complete my joy…

These few lines from the Bible has great strength. It draws up a guide as to how easy it could be to tie in with the infinite spirit. Come to think of it, it's absolutely necessary just about this time of…

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Sometimes I wonder……When you claim no fame

Sometimes I wonder,If I lived in Montana,Wide open country,View from afar,Mountains to view,Fields to stare,No worries in heart,Nothing to care,Smoke bellowing,From Chimney stack,Few mutts in the pack,Horses whining,Fire in the hearth,The smell of earth,Soft grass under feet,And a jutted berth, Lay…

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Where from here…

Where From Here...I am little perplexed how to weave the words into my thoughts and energy of my emotions. Oddly enough, I am not the only one when it comes this. We all have our moments when we are in…

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