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Canvas resting on the easel…

Canvas resting on the easel,Holding up a smile,The vision of its creator,That'll last for a while,Gregariousness and zest,The laughter has some pain,The time shifts,Emotions mist,The foggy memories,Still so clear,Life has just been,Brushed with tremors and fears,Power consumes life,Never to loose…

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Draft/Outline of my talk – Let me in…

Let me in... A talk at The Spiritualist Church of Awareness.Good Morning!It is definitely a pleasure to be back in this beautiful congregation. Thanks to spirit for organizing this opportunity.My topic today is "Let me in"...Since yesterday until this morning,…

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Not otherwise wise are we….

Christ in E,Each and EvEryonE,And you and mE,HEaling miraclEs,Faith and trust,ProphEcy and mysticism,Humor or sarcasm,SmilEs or tEars,EvEn strEngths or fEars,Christ in E,You'll always bE,A dEfinition of,Who onE ought to bE,Touch of EnErgy,A jolt of synErgy,Blinds can sEE,What is said,DEaf can…

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