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Half-Moon, a poem by Joy

as I rest in the bosom of the half-moon lit night, my eyes stay on my spirit that shines bright, my guiding force my breath my life force, strengthens my connection with source, floating clouds that cast shadows over ground,…

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Contemplate on the I AM!

It has been a very powerful time for all of us lately. Don’t you think so….? I do.  The energies of this universe are swirling, assimilating, separating, mixing, so on and so forth. Emotions are rampant. Average human form is acting and…

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Lack, There is none!

Have you ever found yourself saying, if I had that I would do this, if I had this I would be more, if I was doing this that would be better... I find myself doing that so often. In our…

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Symbolism is everywhere!

Excerpt from todays lecture... Thought 1 - Today is Easter. It has a big spiritual influence across the world to all, big or small, we all can take a little or a lot from the symbolic meaning of easter. Thought…

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