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No Storm can last Forever

  Verse 23 from the book, Living the Wisdom of the Tao as lived by Dr. Wayne Dyer.   "To talk little is natural, Fierce winds do not blow all morning, a downpour of rain does not last the day.…

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From my lens…again!

From my lens...   Oh boy where do I start... life is good! I get to walk my talk every day. No bargains. No discounts.   Books keep finding me... Nature keeps giving me subject to practice photography... Spirit keeps…

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Like a Driftwood… a poem!

Life is good, When you flow, Like a driftwood, Bad and Good, Should and Could, Take a bow, What you can't chase, Stay in the now, Sun kissed the horizon, Moon chased Stars, Some stay close, Some go afar, Divine…

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A thought rises…

In your "mind' when a thought rises, what do you do? Do you Let it go or let it flow? Personally I go with it and let it flow. It has always something to teach me. Thursday afternoon, in my moments of…

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Cascading like a waterfall….

  I cannot cry, I don't know why, Why these emotions swell, And tears break the well, Run down my cheeks, Cascading like a waterfall, Into the abyss of my bosom, Throbbing the universe within, I feel safe as I…

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Triple AAA…but wait

Excerpt from Sunday Talk @ Peoples Church - Heart for Souls! As I drove off my driveway to speak at The Spiritualist Church in Daytona Beach. I had my listening ears on. Not the physical ears but the inner ears.…

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