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Oh! Sunflower you move me…

Oh! Sunflower do you know you fascinate me, Just like you move with the Sun you move me, The yellow in you Brightens the universe, You make me Smile when I feel adverse, Sunflower you are just not a flower…

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Remind Yourself!

Hello Everyone, Each day we get the opportunity to create a better version of us. What is that better version, we get to decide! In my quite time this morning, I received these inspired words from The Source that I…

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whats next…?

There is so much story in this image. Your story. With what you can do with yourself, your self, your time, your life and more. It is almost the end of June... first six months of 2018 are gone. When…

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Birthday Joy!

Thoughts! Appreciation and Gratitude and ALL! What do you derive your joy from? Big things or little things, complex things or simple things? June 14, Flag Day, My birthday... The day I usually take a day off work and keep my…

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Let go and Fly!!!

Love calls - everywhere and always. We're sky bound. Are you coming? - Rumi A poem >>> Let go and Fly!!! Let go and Fly!!! Rainbows and flowers, Blades of grass and dragonfly, Let go and Fly!!! Oh this and…

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