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Say whaaaaaat! blinders!

Oh! so you think I don't see the way you see? Oh! so do you see things the way they see? Oh, only if we stop playing pretend and stop living in duality. Life will be much simpler. Why? Do…

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Revolt at Health Valley!

It was interesting Friday yesterday. Let's go back to Monday first. I have been following through with my pursuit of being strong and healthy. I am pursuing my theme of "strengthening" for this year. Okay, so I have walked a…

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Happiness & “Shift”

Happiness is a state of mind and a state of consciousness... However, I have found out that it is something programmable... One may go in and out of state of happiness... the natural law of attraction like attracts like... is…

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Ordinary Words!

Ordinary Words! My mind seems like a bag of jelly beans, Colors, flavors, textures and triggers, Life is discovery and not end to means, We spend much time in crunching figures, Losing sight and losing mind, Looking for stuff that…

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#Universe #Playing #Music

I had this thought in my head. In reality it was more than that. To live in awareness, is one most conscious effort anyone can make. It is tough, every now and then when life dishes us the bittersweet dose…

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Suggestions and all…

A little story... Once upon a time.. there used to be a Sage/Ayurveda expert who lived in this insignificant village in India. His methods and remedies were very effective. He had cured many illnesses that were not easy to cure.…

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Go with the GUT, Go with FLOW!

"When we have been prevented from learning how to say no, our bodies may end up saying it for us." - Gabor Mate M.D. Hmmm had to think a little bit to assimilate my thoughts. On a note of personal…

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